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Shannon is committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of her clients, and therefore provides services in person or through telehealth via online platforms or telephone.  Please complete the                         form should you wish to discuss this further.

It is only natural to feel somewhat nervous about starting counselling, especially if you have never done so before. 

It can be helpful to think about what you would like to achieve from the process ahead of your first appointment to help collaboratively set goals with your psychologist.  For children, it can be beneficial to bring a toy or item of interest to their first meeting as a topic of conversation to assist in building rapport. 


Initial Appointment: - in the first instance, attended by parent(s)/guardian(s)/caregiver(s) only, to provide a safe space to talk freely and openly about your concerns prior to Shannon meeting your child.  This also enables her to learn about your family, your child's developmental history, their strengths and interests. The appointment provides an avenue to collaborate with Shannon to plan next steps for subsequent appointments which may include meeting with you and your child together, or perhaps with a young person alone. 


Second Appointment: - as per the plan developed in the first session, this may be attended by parent(s)/guardian(s)/caregiver(s) and child, or young person only, as a way to facilitate getting to know one another, orienting you to the therapeutic space and process, and establishing goals or areas of focus.

The following sessions usually entail meeting with your child alone, then having an opportunity to share with parent(s)/guardian(s)/caregiver(s) for the last 10 minutes or so of session where applicable.  Young people may prefer to have an entirely confidential session.   

Shannon tailors her approach to the needs and developmental age and stage of children and young people, so at times the above framework for sessions may vary in format.

Shannon prioritises establishing a confidential and trusting environment with children and adolescents in order to provide client-centred counselling.  Please rest assured, she will inform parent(s)/guardian(s)/caregiver(s) and other parties as required should there be concerns for a child or young person's safety.  Shannon aims to create a partnership between herself, client and family so that all are resourced well. 

As a parent, it can be confusing  and frustrating at times when trying to determine how best to navigate raising your growing child, adjusting to changes such as when new siblings arrive, co-parenting, or establishing a blended family.  Shannon aims to equip parents with evidence-based knowledge that can be used to inform and tweak the expectations and culture of their family. Should you wish to meet to discuss parenting strategies in general rather than individual counselling for your children, Shannon incorporates evidence-based guidance and consultancy. 

Shannon has experience in cognitive, educational, and psycho-social assessments from primary school aged and secondary school-aged clients .


Proficient in documentation required for funding applications for schools, special provisions and Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) applications in VCE, Shannon can assist across your child's educational journey.


  Please discuss your requirements with Shannon to determine the most appropriate pathway forward.  She will provide a quote for assessment prior to commencing the process. 

Shannon is an AHPRA Board-Approved supervisor for generalist psychologists working within community, education and other settings with a paediatric population. 

Please contact Shannon to discuss your needs, or read more about Shannon here: 

Individual Counselling for Young Adults

As a young adult, navigating a range of personal and professional circumstances can lead to a range of opportunities where counselling may provide a supportive space to reflect and explore.  Whether it is adjusting to transitions from school to uni or work; navigating your relationships; getting support for anxiety or depression or reaching out to tweak and develop how you deal with stress, Shannon looks forward to partnering with you. 

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